Helping Pregnant Women Everywhere!

My latest stop brought me to visit Theresa Fong, inventor of Preg-Ez. Find out how she turned her own pregnancy discomfort into an idea that is now helping pregnant women everywhere!

-What is Preg-Ez?
Preg-EZ means being pregnant is easy (when you have Preg-EZ that is).


-What inspired you to start this business?
When I was pregnant, I was in alot of pain, especially my lower back, due to an accident I had as a child. When I was pregnant, I could not find anything that would alleviate my pregnancy discomfort. Since I am a structural engineer and transferring loads/weight from one area to another was my specialty, I decided to design a garment that will support the weight of my pregnancy/baby and hope that it will make my pregnancy easier. It worked so well and beyond my expectations, that I wanted to share it with every pregnant woman, regardless of any discomfort or pre-existing injuries one might be experiencing. I believe once pregnant women try this, it might become difficult to live without. Even though Preg-EZ is new, those that try it wonder how they could have lived without it.  Some even mentioned that it helps to reduce their labor pain, something I never expected or claimed. One woman, who just delivered, told me that “I am so sorry. I know that you have asked me to take it off and put it on several times but I could only do it twice. I was in labor for six days and was in too much pain. I didn’t take it off until I gave birth! It really did help reduce my labor pain. It was so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating Preg-EZ”.

Theresa Fong, inventor of Preg-EZ.

-How did you get started?
Once I got the design, I had to search for the fabrics. This process took a long time because I could not find the right fabrics and my three children always took first priority until they got older. Seeing so many pregnant women in discomfort, I felt a great desire to work hard to find the “perfect” materials needed to construct this garment.

-What kind of advice would you give someone who wants to start a business or is thinking about it?
Don’t wait, just do it. If you can accept the worst case scenario, than you can do anything. No one has all the answers, you will learn as you go.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it is the best way to learn. You will find out that people are very kind. So go learn and enjoy yourself.

This is how Preg-Ez works.

-How are you getting the word out?
Talk to anyone. I carry my cards with me and when I see a pregnant woman, I talk to them. I also take ads and go to shows, women gathering, and so on.

-What do you love about your business or job?
When a pregnant mom-to-be tells me how Preg-EZ helps, this give me great inspiration. This sends me the message that I’ve helped another woman enjoy her baby/pregnancy while helping to alleviate pregnancy discomfort.

-For more information on Nipia or Preg-Ez: or

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